Lifeguard Services

Our lifeguards will keep you safe and secure whether you are at the beach or a pool. All of our lifeguards have lifeguard certification and have completed a thorough training program.

Providing our clients peace of mind, our lifeguards are ready to be deployed to:

  • Maintain constant surveillance of swimmers in the facility
  • Prevent water-related risks and injuries across indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hotels, residential and community pools, public beaches, private resorts
  • Act immediately and correctly in the event of an emergency to secure the safety of swimmers
  • Provide emergency care and first aid treatment as required until the arrival of emergency services
Lifeguard Services Image



Currently, our lifeguard team are deployed on an annual contract basis at institutions and hotel pools in the United Arab Emirates. We are equipped to deliver our services to companies that are looking for long-term services. However, our lifeguards can also be hired and deployed on ad-hoc basis, for a birthday party at the pool, company event, or even filming by the pool or a waterway etc.